The Doggie Camel Pack aids responsible pet owners who include their animals in outdoor activities. This innovative Pet Hydration Pack consists of a vest made of a lightweight and durable fabric.

Pet Hydration

When outdoors, your dog can be a lot like a horse. You can lead him to water, but you can’t make him drink. In fact, he shouldn’t drink the water found outdoors – not from puddles, ponds or even streams. Often, it can be unsafe! But what can you do? Dogs need regular access to water, especially when outdoors. Our innovative new product is the answer. It can provide canines with the water they need in a very safe, convenient way. Read on!
Day Tripper Pack – Urban Jungle Series Made of lightweight...
The Doggie Camel Pack "K9 Superhero Packs" are custom made...
The Doggie Camel Pack "Service Specialist Packs​" are custom made...

The Doggie Camel Pack is looking to share in the successes of popular trends in the rapidly-growing pet product market

Almost half of all American households – 46.6 percent – own dogs; that’s approximately 57 million consumers. Total annual spending on pet products in the U.S. hit $53.3 billion in 2012, and early estimates show an additional $2.2 billion in growth last year to $55.5 billion. “With new products and services being introduced at an increasingly rapid pace, it appears American’s love affair with their pets will continue,” predicts the APPMA. With this high rate of growth, and its prediction of continuation, the Doggie Camel Pack is joining a very successful product market.

Day Trippers​

Whether youre out hiking or hunting, walking or running, your best friend needs to stay hydrated just as much as you do. These Doggie Camel Packs were designed with Fido in mind.

Service Specialists​​

Doggie Camel Pack has specially designed these hydration packs specifically for service animals and thier owners. These upgraded versions were developed to withstand rigerous work.

K9 Superheroes​

No one appreciates our four legged veterans more than we do. Whether they're active in Military or Police work, or simply your own personal Special Forces, these packs are built for superheroes.


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