Day Trippers

Whether you're out hiking or hunting, walking or running, your best friend needs to stay hydrated just as much as you do. These Doggie Camel Packs were designed with Fido in mind.

Service Specialists

Doggie Camel Pack has specially designed these hydration packs specifically for service animals and thier owners. These upgraded versions were developed to withstand rigerous work.

K9 Superheroes

No one appreciates our four legged veterans more than we do. Whether they're active in Military or Police work, or simply your own personal Special Forces, these are the packs built for superheroes.

Germ SH 1

Doggie Camel Pack - The Ultimate in Pet Hydration

Our Doggie Camel Packs are built to both last, and provide years of enjoyment for pets and their owners. Durable construction, and years of dedicated research and development, and the various features and benefits attributed to our different packs are what sets these patented products apart from any other canine pack.

There's no need to leave Fido at home!

As avid outdoor enthusiasts, we put a ton of hard work and dedication into creating a real hydration pack that works wonders for both the pet and the owner. There's no need for lazy pet owners to leave Fido behind. With the Doggie Camel Pack, Fido can carry his own food and water, eliminating the need for pet owners to cut their trip short, or worry whether or not they brought enough water for both of you. Fido can carry his own, enabling the two of you to spend more time on the trail or the heat of battle. No matter what the scenario, the Doggie Camel Pack has got you covered!


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