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What is a Doggie Camel Pack

The Doggie Camel Pack aids responsible pet owners who include their animals in outdoor activities. This innovative Pet Hydration Pack consists of a vest made of a lightweight and durable fabric. It has two belts with encasing sleeves and buckles for a comfortable attachment upon a hosting canine.

Meet the Team

After years of hard work and determination, this team has developed The Ultimate in Pet Hydration Packs.


Board Member

I look forward to long and fruitful relationship with WLA Innovations, and being a part of the many new applications we are looking to implement into future products.

Will & Lissie Austin


As avid outdoor enthusiasts and owners of many pets, we’re excited to share our invention, and the different applications for these canine hydration packs.


Board Member

WLA Innovations has really put together an incredible product, and I feel very luck to have played a part in the research and development of the Doggie Camel Pack.

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